Port Macquarie Adventure Flights Whale Watching is a unique way to see the migration of the whales from the air by seaplane. Keep an eye out for the large splashes to locate the Humpback and Gray Whales as they move up and down the East Coast from cold feeding areas to warmer, shallower waters for calving and mating.

Whale Watching by Seaplane (Min 2 x people)


Cost $169 per person *

Tour Duration: 30 minutes

Flight Time: Varies

* Minimum cost $338 for 2 people

** Please call for cost of additional passengers or children

Tour and Flight times will vary and are an approximate only

We use a variety of sources to heighten our chances of locating Whales however, as Whales are a wild species we cannot guarantee sightings.

WHALE FACTS - Humpback whales migrate around 5000km on average, one of the longest migratory journeys of any mammal on Earth. -The adult whale stage starts when the whale reaches sexual maturity. This can occur between the ages of six and 13 years, varying dramatically depending on the species. -Baby whales are called calves! -Fin slapping may also be a warning of danger nearby. Another theory is that whales launch themselves out of the water and fall back with a splash to rid themselves of skin parasites.

WHALE BEHAVIORS - Breaching Breaching is a form of surfacing behaviour where most or all of the whale's body leaves the water. Lobtailing or tail slapping and fin slapping Lobtailing occurs when a whale or dolphin lifts its tail flukes out of the water and then brings them down onto the surface of the water hard and fast in order to make a loud slap. Spy-hopping Sometimes whales lift their head and part of their chest vertically out of the water so that their eyes are just above the water line – this is called spy-hopping Blow Whales blow air, water vapour and mucus as they surface to take a breath. Each whale species has its distinctive blow, such as small and bushy for humpbacks, V-shaped for southern rights and up to 12m high for blue whales.

All information sourced from https://www.wildaboutwhales.com.au/ NSW whale watching season | Wild About Whales | NSW National Parks Wild About Whales is a celebration of whales along the NSW coastline.

Get the latest sightings, learn whale facts and plan your next coastal adventure. www.wildaboutwhales.com.au